Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Disappear Here

In 1985, California-born writer Bret Easton Ellis debuted with Less Than Zero, a satirical drama (titled after Elvis Costello's song of the same name) that follows Clay, a wealthy college student who has returned home to L.A. for Christmas vacation. With a drunk mother, separated parents, bratty sisters, a failing relationship, sexually promiscuous acts, heavy drug usage and MTV, Clay's life is a rollercoaster of problems and disappointments. Throughout the novel, he finds himself in many negative situations and consistently distances himself from his friends. After he and his friends find a dead body, and he later witnesses the gang rape of a twelve year old girl, Clay packs up and leaves L.A., his on-off girlfriend Blair and his heroin-addicted/prostitute friend Julian.

Two years later, the book was made a movie, which in my opinion is painfully overwrought and does not do the novel justice.

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