Friday, December 31, 2010

25 years later

Bret Easton Ellis' 2010 release Imperial Bedrooms, inspired by Elvis Costello and the Attractions' album Imperial Bedroom, catches up with the characters of 1985's Less Than Zero. The novel opens with Clay recounting the last 25 years: he and Blair have broken up, he is now a big time screenwriter, and life's disappoints have continued to follow him. Far more grim than it's prequel, Bedrooms sheds bright light on the dirty backdoor deals Clay makes in order to ease his sexual frustrations and avoid any difficulties he comes up against. Bedrooms lacks the adolescent innocence and likability Less Than Zero possessed, drawing some of the bloody violence seen in American Psycho. However there is a plus: Ellis cleverly conveys his negative thoughts on the 1987 movie version of Less Than Zero, using the characters commentary after viewing it. Though I'm glad to have read Bedrooms, and have a deep admiration for Ellis' style, I would not necessarily recommend it. Three stars.

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