Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue, the color of love is blue

A film adaptation of Irish playwright Enda Walsh's 1996 play of the same name, Disco Pigs (2001) details the lives of two extraordinarily close friends, Darren "Pig" (Cillian Murphy) and Sinead "Runt" (Elaine Cassidy), who, born only minutes apart in the same hospital, remain inseparable throughout their childhood and teenage years. Pig, violent by nature, is soothed by Runt - the far more level-headed and independent of the two - but over time his dependence on their friendship grows into obsession. When Runt is sent to trade school, Pig finds himself lost and tormented and begs his mother to tell him where Runt is. She concedes, but tells him if he leaves, he can't be allowed back. Pig agrees and sets off. Of course he finally reaches Runt, but his growing violent behavior and all-consuming fixation lead Pig to his demise. In the heartbreaking final scenes, Pig gives in to his death without struggle, and Runt is freed. Beautifully calamitous and comedic (at times), Disco Pigs is a film worth taking the time to watch.

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