Sunday, May 15, 2011

point and shoot

I first came across Danielle Lewitt's photography in the Spring issue of Bullett, instantly intrigued by the honesty of her work - she manages to capture the true spirit of her subject. (Even her celebrity shots, though the celebs are placed in unrealistic situations, seem less - or not at all - posed, which is a feat I feel is rarely achieved.) You can tell she has fun with her subjects (and they have fun with her.) To have more fun with Danielle, visit her full portfolio, and pick up a copy of We Are Experienced, a compilation of her photographs that aim to exploit certain generational roles, both individual and collective.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

not your mother's hi-fructose...

While recently perusing the shelves at my local Barnes & Noble (support print!) I discovered Hi-Fructose, a quarterly magazine dedicated to "new contemporary art." Founded by artist and toymaker Attaboy and illustrator Annie Owens back in 2005, the magazine features both up-and-comers and established artists with talents for the less conventional. While flipping through the mag, I was both enchanted and impressed by the artists highlighted in its 130 pages. Some of the standouts: painter, graphic designer and sculptor Blaine Fontana, sculptor Christophe Roberts, painter (and cover artist) Martin Wittfooth, and collage artist Kelly Allen.

Blaine Fontana, Suspended Upbringings and Lessons of Mortality

Christophe Roberts, The King's Return

Martin Wittfooth, Fountain

Kelly Link, A Seed is a Star