Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do You Dare?

Sexy. Striking. Bold. Brazen. I'm talkin' lipstick, red lipstick. Put on the modern map by French make up brand Guerlain's cleverly named "Ne m'oubliez pas" (Don't forget me) in 1870, the classic color has endured the decades of fashion ups and downs, always finding a way into the cosmetic cases of women everywhere. Reintroduced in the 50s by Revlon's Fire & Ice and then widely popularized by music/beauty icon Madonna in the mid-80s, red lipstick was given the gold seal of staying power. This season, I dare you to find your perfect shade (there are so many on the market) and swipe it on thick. Be daring. Make a statement. With your friend Red, you can never go wrong.

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  1. :D

    There's always something fun about changing things up.