Thursday, May 23, 2013

totally different head, totally

I realized recently that it has been over six months since I last posted here... But in the past six months, I have found loads of new artists to post. So. Without further preamble, allow me to share with you the ceramic work of Natalia Gruszecka, a Polish "ceramic designer" who works from her studio, ENDEsign. Of all of the work in her Etsy shop, her doll head cups are my favorite.

She says of her cups' design: "This cup was made during my work in porcelain manufacture in Poland. One day I found this warehouse full of old plaster molds, nobody used for production anymore. Among many others I found this treasure: a mold used to produce porcelain heads for dolls decades ago. I was fascinated! I decided to give them a new life…."

I also really love her slab-built cups. They're so delicate and organic (not two things I often associate with slab-built pieces).

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