Monday, October 11, 2010

Nate the Great

With a fine arts background and a PhD in Creative Writing and British Romanticism, New York-native Nate Pritts writes spunky, endearingly awkward and highly addictive prose. Though his past poetry collections Sensational Spectacular (2007) and Honorary Astronaut (2008) are outstanding, it is one of his more recent compilation of works The Wonderfull Yeare: a shepherd's calendar that has me hooked. A truly arresting selection from The Wonderfull Yeare "& then afterward" encompasses passion, youthful romance and a sort of vibrance that demands attention. There are obvious romantic elements, but Pritts weaves them into his work, and avoids the painfully cliche. Keep him on your literary radar.

For more from Pritts and his collection of writers, check out his literary journal H_NGM_N. Not only are the included poetry, prose, etc. wonderful, the fun, creative covers are just another draw.
Issue #10 is available now.

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